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Dishcloth Wrappers

©2022 Handmade by Stacy J

Please enjoy these printable dishcloth wrappers that I’ve designed for you. These are perfect if you’re gifting a dishcloth or selling them at craft fairs to add that nice, finishing touch.

The wrappers work wonderfully for any of the washcloth patterns that I’ve designed or you can turn any of my “Square Block” patterns into a dishcloth by using your choice of cotton yarn. A list of available patterns is below:

Knit patterns to use the dishcloth wrappers:

  1. Cables & Lace Dishcloth
  2. Garter Ridge Dishcloth
  3. Seersucker Dishcloth
  4. Bluebells Dishcloth
  5. Bamboo stitch Dishcloth
  6. Basketweave Dishcloth
  7. Eyelet Lace Dishcloth
  8. Lattice Cable Dishcloth
  9. Vines and Bobbles Square Block
  10. Ruching Block 1
  11. Ruching Block 2
  12. Diagonal Openwork Square Block

Crochet patterns – I’ll be adding more soon:

  1. Learn to Crochet dishcloth
  2. Double Crochet Motif
  3. Traditional Granny Square
Dishcloth wrapper example with Bluebells dishcloth from Handmade by Stacy J

Feel free to print out the pdf below and then use them for your makes. To use these wrappers, simply download the link below, print the pdf, then cut out the one you like, wrap it around a dishcloth and use tape to secure the back.

I hope you enjoy the wrappers!

💕 Stacy J

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