Stacy J.


Meet Stacy J!

Hi there! I’m Stacy J, founder of Handmade by Stacy J. I’ve been crocheting since before I could write my name and learned how to knit in January of 2018.

Fiber has been a passion of mine for many, many years! I remember a time in 3rd grade when I was crocheting by the classroom door during a recess break. One of the “cool” kids was whispering to her friends about how neat it was that I could do this trick with yarn and a hook. That stuck with me throughout my life.

When I was young, my mom subscribed to many crochet magazines and I would find a pattern that I liked. She’d buy me the yarn and made sure I had the hook. But, then guess what happened? The finished piece would never match the pattern because I would inevitably customize it to be unique. That’s when I learned that I should get into designing. Although I love and appreciate patterns and the designers, I would always stray. So, here we are!

I’m a mom, a wife and an artist – Not only do I create with yarn, I also paint, do photography (I was a professional photographer for almost 30 years) and also do graphic design. I have a wonderful hubby, 2 boys (ages 22 and 19), 4 fur babies (Roscoe, Bucket, Moxxi and Fritter), as well as too many snakes to keep track of!

Thank you so much for joining me on this yarny adventure. Please consider subscribing to the newsletter (the newsletter will go out once or twice a month) and visit me on YouTube and other social media outlets.