Meet Courtney with Creations by Courtney!

Welcome to Friday’s Featured Friend! Today I’d like to introduce you to my good friend and amazing designer, Courtney with Creations by Courtney!

About Courtney

Courtney is in Atlanta, Georgia and has been designing crochet pieces since 2017. She was inspired by fashion and wanted to see if she could turn an idea into a finished crochet piece. Her journey as a crochet designer began before she realized that she was a designer, during the time that she was focused on being a maker. “I was occasionally making my own hats and even made a skirt that I was hoping to sell as a custom item, but it never took off. A former business mentor suggested designing, and that’s what I did. I have since learned how to create an easy to read pattern that is tested or tech edited for clarity.”

What inspires you?

When asked, what inspires you to continue designing, Courtney responded, “I’m inspired to continue designing by the endless possibilities of fiber! I am often watching a video or movie, or scrolling Pinterest when an idea may pop into my imagination. I find it exciting to watch a skein of yarn become something else through a series of wrapping and pulling yarn.” Her favorite part of designing is “seeing the completed projects made from my designs. It’s exciting to see another crocheter’s interpretation of one of my designs, and to see them happy with their project.”

So, what is our featured friend, Courtney working on right now? She is currently designing her first sweater! “I have made several garments, but not a traditional sweater. I think it’s going to capture my personality well. I’m excited to get it together and available for the fiber community.”

Biggest tip to a new crafter?

And, her biggest tip to a new crafter? “Learn to read patterns, always make a gauge swatch, practice, and be patient with yourself. I know it’s more than one tip, but I find them all to be equally important.”

To see some of Courtney’s creations, please click on the one of the images. This will take you to her website where there is a plethora of gorgeous crochet designs!

Making Waves Waistcoat from Creations by Courtney
Hooded Poncho designed by Creations by Courtney
Ashley Hooded Cowl link from Creations by Courtney

Personal tidbits

Courtney has been married to her lovely hubby for 10 years. They have 3 kids, and Courtney has a bonus son. “My husband is an entrepreneur, too. He runs an e-commerce store through Amazon. During the summer, he returns to his love of speaking by empowering high school students attending an educational summer camp at a university. My bonus son is 15, and enjoys being a big brother to his younger siblings. My oldest child is our 8 year old son, and he’s in 3rd grade this year. He’s always happy and excited about lots of things, as well as being very caring and helpful. He’s a great big brother to his twin sisters. The twins are 4 years old, and make every day interesting. We never expected to have twins, and they are funny and sassy! One enjoys singing loudly throughout the house, and they both will dance to any music playing anytime. We have four fish that the 8 year old named and talks to daily.”

Typical Saturday?

I asked her what a typical Saturday looks like for her. She responded, “Oh gosh, a typical Saturday morning involves the twins waking up early, climbing in our bed and asking to watch “True” or “My Little Pony” followed shortly by dramatic statements of being so hungry. I make breakfast for the kids and myself, and then make snacks for post-breakfast because they eat most of the day. If it’s a smooth Saturday morning, I might get to sit down and take a breath before noon.”

Best advice ever received?

The best advice she ever received is “be true to yourself, and know that you won’t please everyone. Don’t worry about those that may not like you or what you do because there are plenty of people that will love you and what you have to offer.”

To follow Courtney or learn more about her, please visit her with the links below.

Featured friend logo of Creations by Courtney

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Thank you for taking the time to meet my featured friend! I’ll be taking a break next week, as we all wind down from the Thanksgiving holiday. However, the following Friday you’ll get to meet my friend Sati with Rows and Roses. I hope you have a lovely week and a fantastic holiday!

Stacy J