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Gift Tags

Fall Leaf gift tags featured image from Handmade by Stacy J
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Please enjoy these printable gift tags that I’ve designed for you.

The leaf tags would be wonderful for the Pumpkin knit pattern that I’ve designed (Here is the link for that pattern). Just imagine how cute it would be to have the pumpkin set at the seat of your guest with their name on the tag.

Feel free to print out this pdf and then use them for your makes.

To use these tags, simply download the link below, then print the pdf.

I hope you enjoy the tags. Enjoy!

💕 Stacy J

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  1. […] The Little Knit Pumpkin was designed because Fall was approaching and I hadn’t knit a pumpkin before. As I was playing around with ideas, more ideas came to me – how about a leaf? A soft stem? Oh! How about a curly q? So, this Little Knit Pumpkin was born. It’s quick, easy and super squishy (even my 22 year old son wants one!). You can adapt it to any size by simply casting on more or less stitches and then adapting the length to be double the length of your cast on. There is also a free printable gift tag available for gifting your pumpkin at this link. […]

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