Today I’m coming to you with a yarn review for King Cole Safari Chunky yarn. I’ve recently worked with this yarn to create the “Southwest Sunset” knit blanket and I’ve absolutely fallen in love with yarn. So, I’d like to share the details and my experience with you.

If you prefer to watch the video of the Safari Chunky yarn review, please click HERE

Disclosure: I am a King Cole Brand Ambassador and this post is part of our ongoing collaboration.

Here are the details for the King Cole Safari Chunky Yarn

  • 100% Premium Acrylic
  • Approximately 311 yds / 285 metres
  • 150g
  • 8 color shades are available (as of this writing in October 2022)
  • Machine washable on the gentle cycle at 86 degrees Fahrenheit / 30 degrees Celcius
  • Tumble dry on low heat
  • Dry clean with any solvent
  • Do not iron or use bleach

I designed the “Southwest Sunset” knit blanket using the Safari Chunky yarn in September of this year and this yarn was a dream to knit with. One of the great things about this yarn is that I never came across any knots…not a single one… in 5 balls of yarn!

The yarn didn’t split and the color changes make a longer term project more fun. Although I typically don’t knit using the color Black, the black sections in the yarn are small enough that they’re actually fun to work with! They’re a beautiful, rich, deep black color and they add such a fun design element.

This yarn is perfect for a project that is simple and when you want the yarn to really shine. That’s why it called out to me for the “Southwest Sunset” blanket. It’s an interesting and beautiful yarn that just calls out to be the star of the show.



While working with the Safari Chunky, I was thrilled with how soft it is. But, then I washed it. And, oh-my-goodness! Washing it brought out a whole new level of softness! It’s so squishy, warm and cuddly! It made my throw one of the softest blankets I’ve ever made. Typically I gift any blankets that I make. But, because of this yarn, I’m keeping this one!

Would I recommend?

YES! Absolutely YES! Not only is it a joy to work with, it’s easy to care for and there’s so much yardage in a ball. That’s a huge win-win!

If you’d like to get your hands on some King Cole “Safari Chunky” yarn for yourself, here’s the link to find your local stockist.

I know you’ll enjoy working with this yarn and I can’t wait to see what you create with it! Will it be a blanket? A hat? A scarf? Please tag me so I can see your makes.

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