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Ridges & Lace Baby Blanket

Ridges and Lace Baby Blanket from Handmade by Stacy J

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The Ridges & Lace Baby Blanket is a simple and quick knit to make for the little one in your life. It has lots of drape, not very heavy, works up in just a few days and uses very simple stitches – this would be a great first blanket for a newer knitter to try or a palette cleanser for an advanced knitter looking for simple project.

With less than 3 skeins of yarn used, it could also be a great stash buster or an inexpensive gift to create for someone special.

The Ridges & Lace Baby Blanket is a rectangular shaped blanket, but can easily be made more square by doing more repeats of sections A-D. It can also be made wider, as the body is worked in stitch increments of 2. Please note that your yarn quantity will vary if you choose to change the size.

This pattern has been tested. Some testers chose to do another repeat of sections A-D and they did not require another ball of yarn. Instead, they used up what yarn they had remaining.

This pattern was inspired by the Eyelet Lace Dishcloth that I designed during my “Learn to Knit” series. Click here to check out that pattern.

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Ridges and Lace Baby Blanket Pin from Handmade by Stacy J
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If you prefer a printable pdf of the Ridges & Lace Baby Blanket, you can click here for Ravelry or LoveCrafts.

On the last pages of the paid pdf, you will also find a checklist to help keep track of your rows, as well as a chart for the lace section and printable gift tags for gifting your blanket. 

Ridges and Lace Baby Blanket Pattern contents collage from Handmade by Stacy J


40″ x 29″ / 101 cm x 73 cm

Difficulty Level: 


Gauge in Stockinette Stitch:

20 sts x 24 rows in Stockinette Stitch = 4″ or 10 cm.

Materials Needed:


Stitches & Terms Used

(Pattern is written in US terms):

K: Knit

P: Purl

SM: Stitch Marker

K2tog: Knit 2 together

Yo: Yarn over

PM: Place Marker

RS: Right Side

WS: Wrong Side

Garter Stitch: Knitting each stitch on each side

Directions for Ridges & Lace Baby Blanket:

Cast on 160 using German Twist or preferred stretchy Cast on Method

Bottom Panel:

Work 20 rows in Garter stitch

Bottom Framing:

1 (RS): k12, pm, k136, pm, k12
2 (WS): k12, p to m, k12
3: K across
4 – 5: Rep rows 2-3 once more
6: As row 2

Garter Ridge:

1 (RS): K across
2 (WS): K12, p5, pm, k2, pm, k122, pm, k2, pm, p5, k12

A: Stockinette Panel

1 (RS): K across
2 (WS): K12, p5, k2, p122, k2, p5, k12
3-8: Rep rows 1-2 three times

B: Garter Ridge

1 (RS): K across
2 (WS): K12, p5, k2, k122, k2, p5, k12

C: Lace Panel

1 (RS): K across
2 (WS): K12, p5, k2, p122, k2, p5, k12
3: K20, (yo, k2tog) to last st before m, k20
4: As row 2
5: K across
6: As row 2
7: K21, (yo, k2tog) to 2nd st before m, k21
8: As row 2
9: K across
10: As row 2
11: As row 3
12: As row 2

D: Garter Ridge

1 (RS): K across
2 (WS): K12, p5, k2, k122, k2, p5, k12

Repeat sections A-D four more times or until desired length.
Repeat sections A – B once more

Top Framing:

1 (RS): K17, remove m, k2, remove m, k122, remove m, k2, remove m, k17
2 (WS): K12, p to m, k12
3: K across
4-5: Rep rows 2 & 3
6: As row 2

Top Panel:

Work garter st for 20 rows, removing markers as you come to them.

Bind off loosely, knit wise

Ridges and Lace Baby Blanket from Handmade by Stacy J

Weave in your ends, block, enjoy and tag me on your makes @handmadebystacyj or #handmadebystacyj – I’d love to see them!

This pattern is not to be sold or copied in any way. The images, pattern and charts are copyrighted by Handmade by Stacy J and may not be duplicated. You are welcome to sell your makes. However, I ask that you purchase the ad-free pdf pattern and you are responsible for providing your own photographs. Thank you!

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