The “No Purls About It” is the perfect project to take with you as you travel. It’s worked over a 4-row repeat and only uses knits (no purls!) and is reversible. The extra wraps of yarn during the knits on one of the rows offer a beautiful and simple lace design. 

“No purls about it” uses only one hank of yarn and you can choose to work until you’re almost out of yarn or until you reach your desired length. This pattern is easily adaptable to be wider or more narrow simply by adding or subtracting in increments of six. 

The yarn that I chose to use is Knit Picks “Muse” fingering weight yarn. You can use any fingering weight yarn that you like. However, I chose this specific yarn because it’s soft, not slippery and has a tiny bit of “stickiness” to it. The yarn rarely split and the color is tonal. 

The “Muse” yarn offers pretty generous yardage, therefore allowing a nice, long scarf using only one hank of yarn.

This pattern is an Easy project and has been tested – thank you to all my lovely testers!