The Daddy O scarf was originally inspired by my stepfather. I was trying to think up a design as a holiday gift for him and this idea came to me. It’s a simple design with a little bit of flair – kind of like him! 

Although I don’t call my stepfather “Dad”, his name, or “stepdad”, I do call him “Daddy O”. I have no idea where that name came from, it just seemed to fit him. So, here we have the Daddy O Scarf!

When I was getting pictures for this scarf, he had no idea that I had made it for him. He thought it was just one of my regular designs. But, boy, did he go crazy for it. I’ve never seen him so enthrawled with one of my designs! He kept saying how much he loved the design…the color…how it fit, etc… So, I know that this is the right gift for him.

This pattern is an intermediate project, but some of my testers also labeled it as easy. 

This crochet pattern has been tested – thank you to all my lovely testers!

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