The Quail Cable Ear Warmer / Headband is a beautiful accessory to add to your cooler weather wardrobe. It’s large enough to cover your ears comfortably, but also has a wonderful stitch detail. The yarn used in this example is the King Cole Luxury Merino DK. It’s 100% Merino Superwash wool and is oh-so-amazing! It’s so soft, warm and lovely to work with.

The name “Quail” came from a knitting stitch book that I picked up. I’ve seen the stitch name referred to also as the “Folded Cable”, however that one was a little different of a stitch than this one is. But, I just love this stitch so much that it really called out to me to be an amazingly cozy ear warmer.

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Pin of Quail Cable Ear Warmer from Handmade by Stacy J
Here’s a pin for your Pinterest board 🙂


5.5″ / 14 cm tall x 20″ / 51 cm circumference


2 pattern repeats = 4″ / 10 cm

Materials needed:

  • King Cole Luxury Merino dk (100% Merino Superwash; 153 yds / 140 m; 50g, dk / #3 weight yarn) – 100 yds / 92 m in color Pewter
  • US size 6 / 4 mm knitting needles
  • Cable needle
  • Sharp tapestry needle
  • Scissors

Stitches and abbreviations used:

K: Knit.
P: Purl.
Sl wyif: Slip 1 stitch purlwise with yarn in front.
1/2 LC : Slip next stitch to cable needle purlwise and place at front of work, k2, then k1 from cable needle.
1/2 RC : Slip next 2 stitches to cable needle purlwise and place at back of work, k1, then k2 from cable needle.

Directions for Quail Cable Ear Warmer / Headband

Before beginning the ear warmer / headband, measure the circumference of the head that it’s intended for and subtract 2″ / 5 cm – that will allow the headband to fit snug. This pattern is written to fit an Adult Medium size.

  • Using Long-tail cast on method, cast on 32
  • 1 (WS): Sl wyif, k1, sl wyif, K2, p2, sl wyif × 2, p2, k2, p6, k2, p2, sl wyif x 2, p2, k2, sl wyif, k1, sl wyif
  • 2 (RS): K1, sl wyif, k1, p2, 1/2 RC, 1/2 LC, p2, k6, p2, 1/2 RC, 1/2 LC, p2, k1, sl wyif, k1
  • 3 – 6: Repeat rows 1 – 2
  • 7: Sl wyif, k1, sl wyif, k2, p6, k2, p2, sl wyif × 2, p2, k2, p6, k2, sl wyif, k1, sl wyif
  • 8: K1, sl wyif, k1, p2, k6, p2, 1/2 RC, 1/2 LC, p2, k6, p2, k1, sl wyif, k1
  • 9 – 12: Repeat rows 7 – 8
  • Repeat rows 1-12 until piece measures 20″ / 50 cm or to desired length
  • Bind off in pattern leaving a 36″ / 1 m tail for sewing
  • I highly recommend blocking your piece prior to sewing so that the cable pattern will really show up. Be sure not to block it to be longer than the length that you want your ear warmer to be.
Chart for how to knit the quail cable Ear Warmer / headband from Handmade by Stacy J

Sewing the Quail Cable Ear Warmer

To see how I sew the ear warmer, please visit the video tutorial at the 18 minute mark or click HERE (I have it set for you to begin at the sewing section of the video).

  1. With right sides facing and working the short ends, fold the left side top and bottom together, then do the same for the right side
  2. Sandwich the two sides together (It’ll look like 2 C’s interlocking) and leave a tiny bit of space on the ends (the left and right side)
  3. Using the long tail sew the pieces together, making sure to go through all 4 sections
  4. When you come to one side with the space, fold that fabric towards you and secure by sewing
  5. Sew down the side and when you come to the other side that has the space, fold that fabric away from you
  6. Continue sewing until you feel your piece is secure and weave in your ends
  7. Using the shorter tail, sew the seam one more time with it and then weave in your ends

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